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At Eclipse all of our practices, courses and efforts are focused on the promise of celebrating and unveiling the human potential at its highest level to induce inspiration to fall in love with the journey of life.

The objective of the 200 - Hour Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training Course is to provide a solid foundation to every seeker at every level of learning and every step of their journey as a practitioner and teacher. This is not just another "course" but a life wire of positive transformation that keeps the flow of learning intact to address the ever increasing demands in the authentic way of Yoga teaching.

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Dates: May 21st - May 30TH
5 Hours per day for 10 days

Aerial yoga is hot and trending right now it is a combination of traditional yoga, aerobatics and dancing. It was invented by Aerial performer Christopher Harrison and Broadway choreographer in 1999 in US. It requires a special kind of Silk hammock that needs to be hooked firmly through ceilings. These hammocks are designed especially and it can support up to 300 kg of weight on an average. Although the setup appears to be very threatening and it looks very tough and it appears like a person has to undergo a very special kind of training to do this, but anyone who can do three consecutive sit-ups can do it. All you have to do is to just overcome the initial fear and you will be able to enjoy the classes. During the class you will be enveloped in a supportive hammock and an instructor will instruct you through the series of yoga postures that would recalibrate your body and fill you with rejoicing and energy.

Antigravity yoga is not recommended for pregnant ladies and also for persons who have had eye surgery in recent times and who are suffering from vertigo. You are perfectly okay then the person of any age group can do this yoga, even though the person has not taken any yoga classes in his entire life. Just like traditional yoga this yoga also benefits the Emotional psychological and spiritual health of humans.


Dates: Sun May 9th - Thu May 20th (Weekends & Weekdays)
Timings: Weekdays: 7am - 9am & 6pm - 8pm
Weekends: Fri & Sat (one weekend only): 9am - 2pm

You are cordially invited to immerse yourself in our genuinely authentic and profound 50 Hours Meditation Course designed to take you through the journey of a lifetime.
Directly from the tradition of the Himalayan masters, the Meditation program at Eclipse, is based on the Mantra of celebrating and unveiling the human potential at its highest level to inspire you to fall in love with the journey of life.
Sincere as we are towards our efforts to fulfill our promise to always bring to you the real and most authentic practices deeply anchored in the Yogic heritage and divine messages of the Rishis (sages) of the antiquity, we fuse tradition with modern scientific knowledge to cater to the contemporary demands of the new age human being.

Hatha Vedanta Level 1 Course (Initiation)

Keen to deepen your practice? Eager to restore perfect balance & harmony? Curious to deep dive in the treasures of Yogic knowledge?
Then join our Hatha Vedanta Level 1 (Initiation) course at Eclipse! Suited for regular practitioners or inquisitive minds who want to take their knowledge of Yoga to the next level & are looking to embark on this ever - evolving quest for more.
If you are passionate to embrace Yoga in its authentic form as a north star for life or wish to expand the theoretical as well as practical knowledge being already a Yoga trainer, our 21 hours Hatha Vedanta Level 1 Course is not only a perfect platform, but also a unique opportunity to take off as an insightful seeker & practitioner.

Dates: Apr 25th - May 1st
21 Hours & 7 Day/3H Per Day
Timings: Sun to Sat: 9.00am - 12.00pm

Eclipse 200HRS Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training Course

We are delighted to announce our 200 hrs Hatha and Vinyasa Teacher Training Course at Eclipse, an unparalleled trajectory into the fascinating world of two of the most intriguing yoga systems. Our International Yoga Alliance (RYS) 200HRS Teacher Training Course in anchored and deeply rooted in the authentic yoga practices straight from the Yogis of the antiquity. We believe in the process of connecting with the masters of the tradition by maintaining and preserving the truth and wisdom of the time-defying knowledge that is Yoga.
This is our first cycle from the series of well curated Teacher Training programs for aspiring Yoga teachers as well as existing ones, truly reflective of our commitment and endeavour towards building a gracious Yoga Teachers & ambassadors' community.
In this course we emphasise on both these most ancient techniques and put forth a fusion of hatha and vinyasa, where "Hatha" is defined as a balance of two prime universal energy sources- "The Sun" and "The Moon", the masculine and the feminine aspects of the undifferentiated unified being and "Vinyasa" is a breath-initiated flow to internalize both these energies.
Eclipse Team is committed to our vision of disseminating authentic knowledge pertaining to yoga and aim at bringing out the best not only from the practice point of view, but also cease this opportunity to bridge the gap between a good practitioner and a well-equipped yoga teacher. This International Yoga Alliance (RYS) 200HRS Yoga Teacher Training Course cultivates & stirs the knowledge and wisdom that every practitioner carries as an eternal cosmic traveller.

Weekday Edition:
April 4th - May 6th (5 days per week Sun - Thu)
Time: 9am - 5pm (8 hours/day)
Weekend Edition
Apr 9th - Jun 26th (2 days per week Fri - Sat)
Time: 9am - 5pm (8 hours/day)