Moon Munchies & Galaxy Treats

Here's a tasty way to celebrate the total solar eclipse on August 21st: a feast of delectable, eclipse-inspired moon munchies and galaxy treats! Here’s a few
ideas to get you started…What other moon munchies can you think of?
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Let's Get Cooking!

Crescent Moon Cookies

Rhubarb Lunar Cake

Galactic Brownies

Rocket Dogs

Moon Rocks (no-bake chocolate balls)

Galaxy Popcorn

Stelline (Star Shaped) Pasta 

Sun Chips

Moon Pies

Star Crunch Cookies

Star Fruit (and star/moon shaped fruit cut-out with a cookie cutter)

Milky Way/ Mars Bars

Eclipse Gum

Sun Tea


Eclipses are better with cookies!

Eclipses are better with cookies!


Cook Up Your Own Cookie-clipse

Create a fun, educational eclipse experience for kids (both big and little!) using chocolate sandwich cookies, marshmallows, and chocolate chip cookies.  A tasty lesson that can be eaten at the end!

To start, twist one chocolate sandwich cookie apart. Then, using our interactive 'Path of Totality' animation as your guide,  mimic the action during the eclipse with the two cookies.  Pass the top, no-filling cookie over the ‘filling’ cookie in the same path as the Moon eclipses the Sun to get an idea of the different crescent shapes that can be seen during the eclipse. Once you've experimented with the two cookies, use a spoon to scrape away the filling to create these different crescent shapes for yourself.

Finally, explore the corona—the name for the sun's atmosphere. The corona is normally not visible to the naked eye, but during an eclipse it appears as a shimmering ring around the moon, and it becomes visible at the exact moment of total eclipse. You can make your own corona using a marshmallow and chocolate chip cookie.  Place one marshmallow on a paper plate and microwave for 30 seconds.  Remove the plate from microwave and gently push a chocolate chip cookie into the middle of the sticky marshmallow.  Then, grab a fork and pull the edges of softened marshmallow away from the cookie.  Bam, you’ve just created your own unique corona!


Items You Will Need:

  • Chocolate sandwich cookies
  • Regular-sized marshmallows
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Paper plates
  • A fork
  • A microwave