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Mindfulness as a practice is based on the principle of observing every moment as it comes & takes shape.

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Body Awareness

At Eclipse we consider the human body as a temple which should be treated with supreme care, respect & love.

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Yoga Nidra

The word 'Nindra' means sleep in Sanskrit. In this meditative experience, one reaches a mind-body state very similar to the one of sleep, induced through a method of "Yoga Dharana"

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The Sanskrit word 'ahara' means food & the word 'prati' means opposite, so the term 'pratyahara' means symbolically "to oppose the food of the senses" or ceasing sense perception.

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Soham Dhyana

Starting the day with clarity & insight is a gift & a way of living. "Soham Dhyana" meditation, practiced by tradition early morning hours, hails from the Sanskrit "So" & "Aham"

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Kundalini Meditation

 Also known as Kundalini Meditation, Dhyan Pravshika is a powerful technique of mediation that takes one into the realm of subtle Pranic movement.

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Maitri Bhavana

Based on Tantra Maitribhavana, as a meditation technique, tends to invoke a process of energy sublimation, transformation & channelization within the mental & physical framework.

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Preksha Dhyana

Preksha Dhyana is an ancient meditation technique developed by the Jain Munis monks. This meditative technique has similarities with its Buddhist counterpart Vipassana

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A popular meditative technique of the Buddhist order, Vipassana is based on observation, becoming a witness of all of the mental, physical & spiritual movements in the cosmic realm

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Pranava Dhyana

Pranava in Yogic terminology, means "AUM" which is synonymous to the omnipresent, omniscient & omnipotent Supra Consciousness used by almost all ancient systems of yoga as the very foundation of the mantra based meditation practices & techniques.

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Raja Yoga Dhyana

Inspired by Patanjali system of Yoga, Raja Yoga Meditation is ideal for practitioners who wish to gain an unflinching control over the mind.

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