Get Kids Connected


Eclipses and Kids Go Hand in Hand

Involving children and kids in eclipse day activities is not only tons of fun, it also helps ignite their natural curiosity about the world around them (hello next Einstein!). But even more than that, sharing the eclipse with youngsters creates a deeps sense of community and connection—and we aren’t talking the virtual kind, but the true human connections that matter!


  • First, teach them the importance of eclipse safety: Never look at the sun without a filter or approved eclipse glasses!
  • Help them create a pinhole camera out of an empty cardboard cereal box
  • Let them plan a food menu for during the eclipse out of food with the words eclipse, sun, moon, stars, galaxy, etc. in the name
  • Show them movies and pictures of past eclipses
  • Get a book that explains the different types of solar eclipses: Partial, Annular, Total, Hybrid (P.A.T.H.)
  • Buy commemorative eclipse postage stamps and start a collection!
  • Take them to a planetarium to discover secrets about the sky
  • If living in the totality band, plan a trip to a special viewing party or eclipse event
  • Host an eclipse slumber party and dress all the kids in phases of the eclipse for the big event (ie: yellow t-shirt for the sun, gray for the moon, black for total eclipse, etc.)
  • Listen to eclipse music
  • Help them create personalized eclipji emoji to send their friends!
  • Share all of your ideas with us on social media @GoEclipse and #GoEclipse


Items You Will Need:

  • Yourself
  • A child or group of kids
  • Eclipse glasses
  • Pinhole camera materials
  • Yummy moon munchies
  • Imagination!