Four Ways to Help Your Community Enjoy the Total Solar Eclipse

Eclipses join us together as a community!

Eclipses join us together as a community!

How is your community preparing for the eclipse?

In addition to the fun of watching the eclipse, many things will be going on behind the scenes to help prepare your community for the solar eclipse.  From power companies to hospitals to community centers to national parks,  communities from coast to coast are gearing up for August 21st. How can you help out?

  • Help someone who can’t go outside to see the eclipse or who doesn’t live in the United States, and include them in the fun with photos, videos, and sharing this website! Or, draw pictures, read stories, and listen to eclipse inspired music together. 
  • Are you a homeschooling community? The total solar eclipse is a great opportunity to draw your students together for a bit of (summertime!) school fun. Make one of our pinhole cameras, create sun print art, or host a homeschooling cook out with eclipse-inspired food and drinks! 
  • Go to your local public library and get free eclipse glasses for everyone in your family! Remember, it's never safe to look at the sun without a filter: Eye Will Be Sun Safe! 
  • Make pinhole cameras out of different household items: paper towel rolls, empty cereal boxes, or large pieces of cardboard and take them to a retirement community or nursing home for the residents. Also, don't forget hospitals, police departments, and firehouses! 

Make sure to share all your ideas with us @GoEclipse and #ETEclipseTogether and #EclipseAcrossAmerica