How To Enjoy The Eclipse Alone

"The moon stays bright when it doesn't avoid the night." - Rumi

"The moon stays bright when it doesn't avoid the night." - Rumi

While there are many reasons for joining an eclipse watching party or your family, friends, or co-workers on eclipse day,  a total solar eclipse is also a prime opportunity for spending some quality time you and yourself. 

Play your favorite music, plan an eclipse-inspired menu (star shaped fruit skewers, anyone?), bring your yoga mat outside and do some sun salutations...whatever and however you want to share the day, when it's just you—you get to call the shots. 

Here are a few ideas of fun solo activities: 

  • Practice yoga poses or Pilates exercises
  • Buy a beautiful moon journal and write down your emotions during the eclipse and what your plans are for the future
  • Meditate on how what the experience of daytime twilight can mean for your own life
  • But an adult eclipse-themed coloring book and let your inner Picasso go to town!
  • Write a letter to yourself and date it “Do Not Open Until April 8, 2024”—the date of the next total solar eclipse in the US!

How are you going to spend your eclipse day 2017? Tell us in the comments and @GoEclipse and #ETEclipseTogether and #EclipseAcrossAmerica!