Eclipse 411


Get On the Eclipse P.A.T.H.

Image courtesy of NASA

Image courtesy of NASA

In addition to the total solar eclipse we will experience on August 21st, there are three other types of solar eclipses: partial, annular, and hybrid.
To remember all four kinds of eclipses, get on the P.A.T.H. which
stands for: partial, annular, total, hybrid.  Affecting different parts of
the world and obscuring varying amounts of the sun, each of
these beautiful eclipses produces unique light and darkness
experiences that are thrilling to watch!

Partial Solar Eclipse:
Occurs during the new moon, but with this type of eclipse, the Earth, Moon, and Sun do not form a straight line, and only part of the sun becomes eclipsed by the moon.

Annular Solar Eclipse:
During this type of eclipse, the moon only obscures the Sun’s center, leaving the outer edges visible, which appear as a fiery ring around the moon as it eclipses the sun.

Total Solar Eclipse:
Occurs during the new moon when the Earth, Sun, and Moon form a straight (or nearly straight) line, briefly obscuring our view of the sun from  Earth, and revealing the sun's atmosphere, which is called the corona. 

Hybrid Solar Eclipse:
A very rare type of eclipse where the moon transitions from an annular to a total solar eclipse while the eclipse is happening! 

Remember: Eye Will Be Sun Safe

And always wear eclipse glasses! Your eyes cannot detect heat like your skin, and even just a few seconds of looking at the sun can cause severe damage
or blindness. So never look directly at the sun without a filter or eclipse glasses. A camera, cell phone, binoculars, a telescope...none of
these lenses are filters. When you want to watch an eclipse,
remember: Eye Will Be Sun Safe...and Wear Eclipse Glasses