Are Eclipses Fun?


A total solar eclipse is more than just the moon passing in front of the sun, it’s a solar phenomenon that is unique to our Earth! A result of the Sun, Moon, and Earth aligning perfectly, only recently have humans celebrated solar eclipses for the scientifically interesting and powerful experiences that they are. With just a little creativity, the  August 21st total solar eclipse can be an experience that unites people from coast to coast! 

What to do on Eclipse Day

Don’t just watch the eclipse and then go back inside. Plan a fun, interactive afternoon spent engaging in the many different scientific phenomenon that occur during an eclipse.  One of the best ways to do this is by making a pinhole camera. Even the simplest pinhole camera can be made with household items in under three minutes. 


As the moon obscures the sun, a pinhole camera will allow you to see how the sun's projected light changes from a round shape to a crescent shape and back again. Plus, you can use a pinhole camera to create images, write names...and so much more! 

What else you can do: 

Host an eclipse viewing party, create sun print art or human sundial, eat (and drink!) sun, moon, and space inspired foods, make a GoEclipse geocache (time capsule) and connect with us socially to share your experience!  Send your photos, thoughts, and updates @GoEclipse and #GoEclipse.

Eye Will Be Sun Safe!

And always wear eclipse glasses! Your eyes cannot detect heat like your skin, and even just a few seconds of looking at the sun can cause severe damage
or blindness. So never look directly at the sun without a filter or eclipse glasses. A camera, cell phone, binoculars, a telescope...none of
these lenses are filters. When you want to watch an eclipse,
remember: Eye Will Be Sun Safe...and Wear Eclipse Glasses