Eclipse Safety


How To Be Eclipse Safe

Just like any other time you are outside, sun safety needs to be a top priority when you are watching the eclipse. In addition to applying sunscreen, wearing a hat, having a shady spot to cool off from time to time, and plenty of water—the most important thing you can bring with you to view the eclipse is a pair of certified, approved eclipse glasses.  

Why do I need eclipse glasses?

Even during the darkest moment of an eclipse—totality—the light and energy given off by the sun are too intense for your eyes, and in a matter of seconds, can cause irreparable damage. So don't take the risk! Certified, approved eclipse glasses (not regular sunglasses or camera lenses or telescopes) are the only safe way to watch the eclipse. Many libraries are giving away free eclipse glasses right now, and  you can also buy eclipse glasses online or at local retailers. But don’t delay!  Once these glasses are gone, so too are your chances of viewing the eclipse! 

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Eye Will Be Sun Safe

And always wear eclipse glasses! Your eyes cannot detect heat like your skin, and even just a few seconds of looking at the sun can cause severe damage
or blindness. So never look directly at the sun without a filter or eclipse glasses. A camera, cell phone, binoculars, a telescope...none of
these lenses are filters. When you want to watch an eclipse,
remember: Eye Will Be Sun Safe...and Wear Eclipse Glasses