Our Vision


GoEclipse is a team of eclipse chasers who are passionate about eclipses, both solar and lunar, and who want to share that excitement with you. Some of us even have an anniversary on eclipse day! A group of world-renowned scientists and astrophysicists, as well as educational
outreach and interactive event planners, our small team hopes to share our
knowledge and personal eclipse experience with everyone who
visits our site. We also hope to provide visitors with a guide
to safely enjoy the upcoming total solar eclipse
on  August 21st, 2017. 


GoEclipse is a passion-project for us.  On August 21st, we want everyone to go outside and safely watch the eclipse, but more than that—we want you to engage with the many fun activities and
learning experiences that are part of this celestial event.  Browse our site!  Make a pinhole
camera! Get your commemorative eclipse shirt and memorialize the day!

But above all else, enjoy this special experience.

Eclipse Day Activities

  • Go out, (safely) look up, and discover our universe, and fall in love with your place in space
  • Read one of our recommended books on eclipses and astronomy—we even have recommendations for kids!
  • Create unique images with a pinhole camera or Sun print paper!
  • Enhance the already mystical total solar eclipse experience with Moon munchies and galaxy treats.
  • Get your eclipse shirt and share your love of eclipses!
  • Feel part of something that brings everyone from coast to coast together for one magical moment in time!
  • Make your own ‘eclipji’ or download our designs and share with your friends
  • Tweet your experiences to @GoEclipse and #GoEclipse
  • Listen to galactic, space-themed music
  • Munch on Galaxy Treats that mimic the phases of the eclipse! For example, begin your feast with foods that are all about the sun: Sunny D juice, Sun Chips or sunflower seeds. Then, as the moon begins to eclipse the sun, switch to moon-based foods: Luna Bars and Moon Pies, before switching back to sun-based foods as the eclipse (sadly) draws to an end. And in-between, snack on star-shaped pasta salad, star fruit, and other galactic goodies!