Take an ‘Eclipsie’

Be #eclipisie! We want you to help us create your own unique ‘Eclipsie’—a selfie with the eclipse, only this selfie isn’t about you—it’s about the eclipse.  Experiment with different poses or activities, such as waving, or use unique props, such as hats, feathers, picture frames, etc. and don’t forget
to share your pictures with us later
@GoEclipse and #GoEclipse!

How to take the best Eclipsie:
This selfie method will actually require at least two people. To start, position yourself so that your friends, family, or group are standing in front of you, and everyone is safely looking up at the eclipse (which means everyone is wearing eclipse sunglasses only; regular sunglasses are not safe!)  Then, have a friend or someone in your group take your ‘eclipsie’ photo from behind of everyone watching the eclipse! 

Items You Will Need:

  • Cell phone or pocket phone camera
  • Photo booth props and other fun picture objects
  • Friends, family, and co-workers
  • Excitement and creativity
  • The solar eclipse!

Eye Will Be Sun Safe

And always wear eclipse glasses! Your eyes cannot detect heat like your skin, and even just a few seconds of looking at the sun can cause severe damage
or blindness. So never look directly at the sun without a filter or eclipse glasses. A camera, cell phone, binoculars, a telescope...none of
these lenses are filters. When you want to watch an eclipse,
remember: Eye Will Be Sun Safe...and Wear Eclipse Glasses