Create an Eclipse Geocache

Have you ever heard of geocaching? This outdoor recreational activity allows participants to hide containers, called ‘geocaches’, all over the world at
specific locations for other participants to then try and find. Without
leaving your own backyard, you can create a similar treasure
by making your own eclipse-themed time capsule!

For families, your geocache can be buried at in the backyard and retrieved at the next total solar eclipse (April 8, 2024). For friends or groups not at home (say in a national park),  leave a fun geocache for someone else to find.  For everyone, share your geocache with us!

@GoEclipse   #Go Eclipse

Either way, don’t forget to cross-participate with NASA by submitting ‘Eclipse In Six’—what the eclipse means to you in six words, with the chance your words will be placed in NASA’s time capsule, which will be opened in 2024!


Here are some ideas of fun items to be included in your GoEclipse time capsule! 

  • A letter written to yourself, your family, or a future stranger!
  • The front page of your home town's newspaper from August 21, 2017
  • Photographs of your eclipse experience
  • A letter to yourself about what’s important to you at the time of this eclipse
  • A list of the most popular songs, movies, and TV shows at the time of the eclipse
  • The cost of a gallon of gas at the time of the eclipse
  • A picture of everyone in your family/group/party at the eclipse
  • A pair of eclipse glasses
  • An article of clothing
  • A knickknack from your office/school/class
  • Feathers, rocks, or other natural treasures found in your area of the US