Craft An Ode to A Node

Think you have what it takes to share your eclipse experience in 140 characters or less? Then release your inner poet, writer, twitter-master, or bard and take to the Twittersphere with our Ode to A Node Challenge: your chance to memorialize the excitement, fun, and historical total solar eclipse on August 21st with your very own ‘Twaiku’, limerick, or poem. Tag us @GoEclipse and #GoEclipse so we can keep up with the fun! Plus,
all throughout the day we will be giving away
our GoEclipse  shirts to whoever writes
our favorite prose, so get your
thinking caps on now! 

Items You Will Need:

  • Twitter account
  • Cell phone or tablet
  • Imagination


“Glenn Beck, why so vexed? / You seemed cooler back when you / Were in the Yardbirds.”

"Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more."